Yoga with flies

Hmmmm…  this is a good side stretch. Maybe I’ll do both sides one more time. A yes, just what I needed. *slowly opening eyes* I love outdoor yoga, its so refreshing. Can’t stand the aircon. Downward facing dog… ohh, shit I am tight between my shoulders. Maybe do some openers while I am still close to the ground. Anahatasana might s… what is itching my leg? *kicks with leg while still in downward facing dog* Ok it’s gone. So puppy dog and then Anaha… shit it’s back. *kicks again* Ok wait *moves towards puppy dog* Maybe it will go away now? Yes. Good. Aaaah, I should do this pose more often. Ok Anahatas… well bugger me. *sits on knees and try’s to slap right shoulder with left hand* What the hell is it? *looks around, can’t see a thing* Must be a fly or something… Hope it’s gone. Where was I? Ah yes, now I go to Anahatasana. Oh wow, it is really tight between my shoulders. What did I do lately? Ok, down dog again. A bit better… not there yet though. Step to Uttanasana. Mountianpose. Prayer in front of heart, close eyes… Intention. May I find pe…. You got to be kidding me! *shakes head softly* Ok, ok, this is also yoga Charlotte. Stay calm, don’t let the bug bug you. *waves with hand in front of face* May I find peace and joy in all that… *blows out air from mouth* …that I do… May I be happy and healthy and spread this light upon… *shakes head more hard now* others. May I be a humble servant to mother earth and let her guide me in all my decisions. Om shanti, shanti shanti. *waves both hands in front of face* I have to move fast to shake this bug off me. Sun salutations, classic first. Swan dive.. flat back… breath out.. lunge, dive deeper.. get out of my mouth! Gross! I can handle you on my legs and arms but don’t go onto my face! *starts to use hand while in lunge to get rid of the bug, almost losing balance* Shit fuck… stay cool.. stay cool Charlotte. It’s just a bug. And breath out, downward facing dog, still stiff… auw… I think it’s gone… Good. Plank, cobra.. oei… downward facing dog. One legged dog, low lunge…. hmmmmm… nice how I like hip openers now… never thought that would happen… Uttanasana, breath out… He, there you are you little bastard… washing your wings while chilling om my right foot. Where is my flipflop? *tries to slowly reach for the sandal while in forward fold. Grabs it* there we go, now stay still you…. wait…. what am I doing? I shouldn’t kill this fly.. It’s just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or am I? He is just washing his wings. Look at him. Or her… Who can tell? So innocent. No I shouldn’t kill it. I am a vegetarian for Shiva’s sake… all creatures mat… where did it go? It was just sitting… Come on Charlotte, yoga… mountain pose, prayer, back to intention. All creatures matter… no… shit what was my intention? I forgot… It was such a good one… come on, think…. something with peace right?… *fly lands on nose* Are you kidding me?! Are you fucking kidding me? You are making this very hard for me! I would love to accept you. Hell, we can do yoga together. Like those girls do with their goats and cats and dogs and hamsters for all I know. We can become a new hit, you and I. Yoga with flies, how about that? But you have to get the hell out of my face! *starts to dance around waving her arms up and down* That’s it, you win, I look like a fool now. I will go inside. It’s all yours! All the air in the freaking world! *grabs mat and strides off to room. Closes the door* Fucking aircon… fucking noise…. ok, work with it Charlotte, stay calm. In India they must have flies swarming around them doing yoga all the time. You are such a spoiled western girl. Maybe start in meditation again? Yes…. ok… cross leggend, prayer. Remember your intention… May I find peace and j…. *fly lands on third eye between eyebrows* joy…..


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